Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Having fun in PR outside the classroom

So far much of what you have read about PR in this blog has been related to what I have learned from an educational standpoint in the field. However, there is another side to PR that I have kept from you. The lighter side of PR, outside the classroom.

Yes in PR it is possible to have fun. With so much time spent in the classroom, attending professional development sessions, and just beginning your day thinking about the various issues facing the world, in which PR plays a role, it would seem difficult to make time for a party. There are exceptions to every rule however, with last week's welcome to the program party being one of them.

The welcome to the program party is the annual networking event the PR program at my college has for first-year and second-year PR students, teachers and invited members of CPRS. It is a semi-formal (PR does lend itself to good taste, so dress appropriately) affair, meant to gather everyone involved in the program in an effort to make life as difficult as possible for the incoming first years.

Yes I am just kidding about embarrassing first years. Although their initiation to the program is a necessary component of their education, that is a process which will occur in due time. What the true goal of the party is to welcome them to the family of PR which our the program prides itself on.

So what is a good way to get to know your new family you ask? Drinks for starters is a must. Throw in a couple games, business cards, conversation and now you have the essential building blocks of fun PR outside the classroom.

The night was a great time. The room was full of energy. The energy of budding PR practitioners all gathered together, is definitely something I enjoy being a part of. The first years seemed very excited for their new career choice, something which they are only a few weeks into. As second years in the program, we are happy to have them join us and hope to help them in anyway possible as they start their career in PR.

With my second welcome to the program party in the books, it was refreshing to see so many new faces filled with such a genuine enthusiasm for the program. This is something I hope will only continue through their daily studies in the well as during the parties. Because we could all have a little fun in PR outside the least once in a while, don't you think?