Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bring in the charity...floor hockey style

Today I'm still tired. A lot more than usual. After a Sunday worth of charity ball hockey, starting at 10am in the morning all day, it makes sense that this is the case for me. However, when its all for charity and a good cause like CHEO, it was time to suck up my pride and be like Iginla on the floor.

Trying to be Jarome Iginla, my favourite hockey player, was tough. I mean number one, physically there is no comparison. Iginla is big, strong, and dominant on ice. Ice. At least there would be none of that, so maybe I would have the chance, perhaps.

Ball hockey is fast. The ball can move from end to end in seconds and usually does. The concept of setting up a play is lost (unless your really good and can deke through everyone) and really your main focus is getting shots on net and hoping for rebounds to put in.

At the end of the day though it all comes down to charity. For more information about what charity I'm talking about check out my classes PR fundraiser at touchalittlelife.ca.

So even though I'm all sore and walking with what feels like a plank up my ass, it was all worth getting to hit the floor running and be like Iginla...no matter how far fetched it may have seemed.


Anonymous said...

It's been days now; stop whining!